7 Ways to Fix Damp Problems after Cavity Wall Insulation


In recent years many people have experienced damp problems after cavity wall insulation.  Today, there are more companies than ever offering cavity wall insulation and, unfortunately for all too many, this has resulted in shoddy, ineffective and problem causing work. If you’re facing this situation, or perhaps even problems owing to old insulation, flooding or condensation, then here we present seven top ways to fix damp problems after cavity wall insulation.

 1. Removing cavity wall insulation

One possibility, at least as a temporary measure, is to remove your wall insulation; indeed this is actually advisable where the insulation itself is riddled with damp. This then serves to slow the progress of the issue and reduce further damage until you are able to afford to reinstall it professionally.

2. Fix a ventilated cavity to the outer wall

Fitting a ventilated cavity to the outer wall of the affected area will provide temporary relief from rain, reducing the moisture found within the wall itself. This step is vital in slowing the progress of damp.

3. Check and fix any drains or pipes

If damp appears sometime after your insulation has been installed then one cause to consider is that of ineffective or broken drains and piping. Over an extended period of time drain and pipe leaks can cause the penetration of the outside of a wall, leading to the possibility of rising damp (dampness that rises upwards within a building, ultimately leading to the potential for severe structural problems).

4. Considering your ventilation

In addition to poorly installed cavity insulation, damp can additionally be caused, at least to some extent, by poor ventilation (which may be compounded by furniture being placed too close to the walls). Be sure to consider this prior to concluding that the insulation is at fault, considering factors such as whether vents are blocked and whether you have a sufficient air cycle from vents as well as windows.

5. New Cavity Wall Insulation? Contact the installers

If you’ve considered and researched other causes, but have found none to be to blame, then you must contact the installers immediately. Unfortunately however many companies have a bad reputation for otherwise explaining problems caused by poorly fitted insulation, and as such you may need to prove liability for the work.

‘New’ Cavity Wall Insulation accounts for insulation hat has been installed within the last 24 months, thereafter you will find it increasingly difficult to gain a favourable response form the company in question.

6. Old Cavity Wall Insulation that was installed over 20 years ago? Re-insulate!

If your insulation is particularly old then you may be experiencing insulation slump, where the old fashioned materials used for insulation have fallen down, leaving areas exposed and subject to cold spots. If this is the case there’s but one solution: to reinsulate! A professional will be able to confirm whether or not this is the cause of damp, or if you have visible access, or can safely gain it, then simply inspect how the insulation is holding up and whether there are any exposed areas.

7. Consult a professional

Sometimes the causes and consequences of damp are far too complex a situation for the novice to deal with. In such an instance you should contact a professional who will likely recommend a complete cavity wall extraction (and a re-filling of the wall as appropriate). In this instance you may wish, if you didn’t previously, to research the company that you contact prior to going ahead with any work. This should most certinaly see you at least checking online for fellow consumer reviews; you may then additionally want to ask for further testimonials form customers whom you can contact directly.

Whilst there are various steps that you can take when tackling damp issues caused by wall insulation we know only complete extraction and refilling to be effective the majority of the time. Such a situation is undoubtedly frustrating, and can perhaps even be financially devastating, however the costs of an untreated and damp home can far eclipse that of a refilled cavity wall.

You can find the trusted experts that you need right on this website; we take the hassle away from locating a tradesman that’s right for you, and with our review system you can be sure that the tradesmen that you’re commissioning really knows what they’re doing.

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