How much would a new central heating system cost?


So, how much does new central heating really cost? Well of course the price will depend on the size of your property and whether you already have central heating installed. The total cost is made up of the price of the parts needed to replace or install and the labour it will take for installation. According to WhatPrice:

  • Open vent central heating on average will cost £2800 to £3000

  • Sealed central heating will cost £2900 to £3200

Added to this will be the price for fitting that can vary between £500 and £1200.

Find out more about the cost of installing a new central heating system.

Gas Central Heating Installation Costs

Gas is the most popular fuel used to heat in the UK, whether from mains of from LPG in cylinders. The cost of course will depend on the size of your property and the number of radiators but an average price from WhatPrice is:

  • A single story building with 3 radiators is around £2000

  • A two story building with six radiators is around £2800

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Central Heating Radiators Prices

The cost of radiators will depend on the size and the number you need. At HomeBase radiators vary in price such as:

  • Delta T50 single panel radiator 600 x 500 x 47 is £25.99

  • Delta T50 single panel radiator 600 x 800 x 47 is £36.99

  • Colonna 2 column radiator 602 x 609 is £139.99

Plumbworld UK have radiators from £23.94 to designer panels from £79.78

Central Heating Pumps Prices

The central heating pump is a vital part of the system and it will need to be replaced eventually. Of course the price will depend on the size of pump and some prices are listed below from Plumbworld and HomeBase UK. Changing a pump can cost between £90 and £150 in labour according to WhatPrice.

  • Grundfos Alpha 2L is £109.88 from Plumbworld

  • Grundfos UPS2 full pump is£117.40 from Plumbworld

  • Other brand pumps start at around £40.

Central Heating Running Costs

The cost of heating buildings will depend on the fuel that you use to run it. The following prices are based on a three bedroom semi-detached property that is well insulated:

Type of fuel

Average annual heating and hot water costs

  Electric   £1,850
  Gas (condensing boiler)   £800
  Oil   £1,250
  Gas LPG   £1,450 +

Price includes heating and hot water.

Electric Central Heating Running Costs

Electric central heating costs depend on the tariff charged and the electricity company you are with. The most economical tariff is a 7 or 10 that use storage heaters that come on at night for cheaper prices. Electric central heating is cheaper to install as there are no pipes and flues to worry about and there is less servicing needed.

  • Electric central heating from British Gas average costs per year around £1100

  • Electric central heating from Npower average costs per year around £1050

  • Electric central heating from EDF average costs per year around £1150

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Central Heating Fuel Prices

The price of fuel fluctuates all year round with a general trend to higher prices. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change fuel prices are rising around 8 to 10% each year. Gas prices increase the most at around 14%, electricity 6% and heating oil about 5%.

The Energy Saving Trust gives the following average central heating fuel prices below.

Type of fuel

Average price (in pence per kWh)

 Mains Gas  4.8
 LPG Gas 7.6
 Oil 6.0
 Electric (economy 7 tariff) 5.18
 Electric (standard) 14.5

Central Heating Oil Prices and Costs

The cost of a replacement system depends if you are replacing with the same type of system or say switching from gas or oil to electric.

  • Switching from oil to gas can cost on average £2600

  • Upgrading by installing a new combi boiler is around £1500 for boiler and installation

  • Fitting new radiators can cost between £400 and £3000 depending on number of radiators and size of radiators

  • Replacing a central heating pump starts at around £150

Flushing and service costs

You will need to have your central heating system flushed out at some point to ensure that it is working efficiently. You can hire a heating engineer to flush out the system. The cost will depend on who you hire, size of your central heating system and products used.

  • It can cost around £320 to flush around 10 radiators

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Central Heating Replacement Cost

Central heating replacement costs will depend on if you’re installing a like-for-like system, one part of a system or a completely different type of central heating. For example:

  • Switching from an oil-fired central heating system to a new gas central heating system will cost on average £2,444, says WhatPrice.
  • Upgrading your central heating system by installing a new combi boiler will cost around£1,850 (around £1,250 for the boiler and £600 for installation). Get more boiler costs here.
  • Fitting new radiators can cost between £390 and £3,000 reports Building Sheriff
  • Replacing an old central heating pump could cost around £140, says Building Sheriff

Central Heating Power Flushing Cost

At some point it’s likely that your central heating system will need some repairs or maintenance work carried out. One of the most common central heating problems is caused by a build-up of sludge in pipes and radiators; this can stop the heating system from working properly.  To deal with this problem, it’s best to hire a heating engineer to carry out a central heating power flush, which will clear the system. The cost of power flushing will vary depending on who you hire and the extent of the problem, according to EconEnergy:

  • It will cost around £300 to power flush up to 10 radiators

Get more central heating power flushing costs.

Central Heating Service Cost

To keep your heating in good working order, you should have your system regularly serviced. One of the easiest ways to do this is to take out a heating service or maintenance contract. Here are some central heating service costs from Which?


Annual  Cost

 British Gas (homecare 100 plan)  £79 for a one off service, £156 Home care 100
 EON (central heating care plan)  £185 care plan
 Homeserve (central heating breakdown cover and  annual boiler service) £234 cover 8 plus service
 Npower (central heating care plan)  £180
 Vaillant (5 star cover plan)  £179.88 3 Star care
 Worcester (service plan)  £190 service contract
 EDF (boiler care plan plus)  £209.88 boiler plan plus

Finding a Central Heating Engineer

It’s essential that you factor in the cost of hiring a qualified engineer when considering central heating systems prices.  Only an experienced, trained central heating engineer will be able to install your system safely and in compliance with UK building regulations. The type of engineer you hire will depend on what type of central heating system you’re installing:

  • Gas central heating engineers – should be registered with Gas Safe, this is a legal requirement in the UK
  • Oil central heating engineers – should be qualified to work with oil; ideally look for someone who belongs to OFTEC
  • Electric central heating engineers – should comply with BS7671:2008 Requirements for Electrical Installations. Find out more about electrical safety regulations.

Central Heating Grants

There are UK grants available to reduce new central heating system costs. These grants are available through schemes like Warm Front, Nest Fuel Poverty Scheme, and an Energy Assistance Package. Find out whether you’re eligible for a central heating grant. A new government scheme called the Green Deal can also provide you with money to install a new central heating system – find out more about the Green Deal.

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